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Fuchsia Display at Caldecote Church 30th-31st July 2016

St.Mary Magdalene Church is Grade II listed and situated in Caldecote, one of the smallest villages in Hertfordshire. We were very pleased to be asked back to put on a display this summer. As ever at this delightful church the fuchsias continue to attract a large number of people. The weather was kind to us and the good number of members who supported us during the weekend looked to be enjoying the tea and cake. Thanks to all those who came to help, just view or even bought a plant or two. Anyone interested in following the progress of St.Mary Magdalene do check out their website

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St Mark's Church Hitchin 2009

In 2009 three members held a Mini Display in St Mark's Church Hitchin. The following are just a few exhibits including new seedlings on trial. Photographs by Cat Buck.

Below are a few seedlings still on trial. The names are provisional

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Seen around the garden

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Future Fuchsias

Many thousands of fuchsia varieties are already on the market and it could be said that we need new varieties like the traditional "hole in the head". However, Nature itself continues to provide us with many beautiful variations without our assistance and I for one cannot resist growing some on to see what lies within those tempting seed pods. On this page are listed a few of the amazing flowers which Nature has produced in my garden with very little help from me. No, they are not registered and I am not flooding the market with unregistered plants. These are for my own pleasure and are used in Displays in the area. If any prove to be particularly good they may eventually be produced commercially but for now let's just enjoy their beauty. Provisional names are purely for identification purposes. You cannot call a glorious flower "XYZ123 Dec09".

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